Netflix in France


Netflix have launch here in France, its very easy  to sign up and watch the Netflix service without needing to hide your location here in France.


The  service will be based in Belgium or Luxemburg as the French do not allow streaming film services for anyone other than makes of French films. The content is very limited compare to Netflix USA but the number of titles is growing and more will be added next year. Don’t expect brand new films that are just out in the cinema it’s not that type of service, but there is more than enough to keep you out of trouble on winter nights.


The service cost 7.99 euros per month will allow you to watch films and TV series on your TV, laptop, tablet or any other device that can connect to the Netflix service.

The basic service runs very well over 1 or 2 meg broadband so most people should be able to get this, the HD service requires at least a 5 meg broadband connection and cost a little more per month.

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