Why are you seeing VPN’s being advertised for Security?


In many countries but especially the USA most people use a VPN to stop their internet provider gathering and selling all their data. In Europe we are protected by law and the internet companies cannot gather or sell our information, so we do not need to hide behind a VPN.

There are times and places where a VPN might be useful, if you are using an unsecured shared wifi connection (hotel) or you are connecting in a café or airport. It can also be used to change your internet location to watch UK TV etc.

However its VERY! important to know what a VPN is and how it works.

VPN (virtual private network) was developed to allow two computers to connect in a secure and private way over the internet. For example a company with a remote office could use a VPN so the remote office can access the main office files. It’s important to remember this link works in two directions, in and out, so both computers can access each other.

So using a VPN could give the other computer access to your computer (unlikely but possible) VPN apps are also notoriously insecure and can be hacked. The main problem with a VPN is that while it is connected all internet traffic is passed through the other computer.

Therefore you have to trust the VPN company even more than you do your internet provider as EVERYTHIG is passed through the VPN. The VPN server can see every site you visit, every username and login and worst of all every password.

Most VPN companies are based outside of the EU and are therefore not bound by data protection laws, they gather and sell data and in the worst cases sell the raw data including passwords.

I would definitely never use a free VPN, especially one that comes free with another product like your virus scanner. All free VPNs are selling data to make money.

There are only 3 VPN companies that I am aware of that have a very strict no data logging or gathering policy and are also externally audited on a regular basis to make sure no data is being collected. These are ExpressVPN.com and Nordvpn.com and PureVPN.com and these are the only ones I would trust. (there may be others I am not aware of)

Please Note: UK TV channels are in a constant battle to block all VPN connections. The VPN companies are playing a cat and mouse game to try and stop the TV companies detecting them. There may be times when one channel does not work for a while.

The only reliable way I have found to get UK free to air TV over the internet and without a VPN is TVMucho.com it costs about the same as VPN but streams well and gives you all the main channels and recording for the shows you do not want to miss.