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Legal ways to watch movies and TV series has never been easier and there are many services out there to choose from.

The most well-known service is Netflix which probably has the largest catalogue of things to watch, closely followed by Amazon prime video, others are Apple TV+, and Disney+. There are others but many are not available in France, and I am not covering here any French language streaming services.

It is worth noting that although the streaming services are available in France the catalogue is often greatly reduced compared with the UK or USA. In some cases it is possible to use a VPN to access the streaming from another country, but I will not go into that here.

So what’s the easiest way to get a streaming service? You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone, but better still is a smart TV or a plug-in dongle like a Amazon Firestick or Chromecast, or Apple TV box, these plug directly into the TV’s HDMI port and have built in Wifi.

You then need to choose which streaming service to signup for, many provide a month by month service so if you find its not for you then you can cancel and move on to one of the others. There is a monthly cost in most cases only Apple TV is currently free to owners of new Apple devices for 1 year.

Netflix cost start at 7.99€ per month for the basic service on one device, going up to 11.99€ for HD on 2 devices.

Amazon Prime video is included with Amazon prime, costing 50 euros per year or 7.99€ pm. Amazon Prime offers a number of advantages including prime delivery on goods from Amazon, prime video, prime music (basic) and Prime reading (ebook library). Note: this is a bundle and prime video is not available separately.

Apple TV, Free to some Apple device owners, then 4.99€ pm, this is no longer exclusive to Apple devices many other devices like Chromecast, Amazon Firestick and some smart TV can have the Apple TV+ app.

Disney+, starts at 8.99€ pm or 89.90€ per year. Its available on many devices like Chromecast, Amazon Firestick and some smart TVs and computers.

If you need any help setting up a streaming service I can help, or if you would like more information on safe VPN services?