WiFi Printers


Most homes and businesses have wireless networks, the majority of these networks use WiFi, also known as the 802.11 set of standards. WiFi sends data using radio signals, WiFi frequencies are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. WiFi data rates range from 11 Mbps to 140 Mbps, depending on the type of 802.11 network.


(Note: lots of other devices like cordless phones also use the 2.4Ghz frequencies and can cause interference to Wifi signals greatly reducing the range and speed. Try moving the base unit for the cordless phone further away from your router).



There are lots printers on the market that have WiFi built into them. You must first connect the printer to the network so that other devices connected to the wifi can locate the printer. Once connected, compatible devices can send print jobs to the printer directly. This comes in handy for offices or households with lots of computers -- there's no need to buy a dedicated printer for each machine if everyone can access the same one. For those with tablet computers like the iPad wifi is the only way you can print.


Whenever you are working with a wireless network, it's important to consider security. An unsecured wireless network is an attractive target. If you use an unsecured network it is possible for someone to use your network to perform illegal activities, you might end up being the one accused of a crime.


If you live in a remote or isolated property then you are at very little risk as WiFi can only travel short distances around (300m maximum but normally no more than 100m) and you are likely to notice someone on your property holding a computer.


In built up areas or where you have other houses close by it's always a good idea to make sure your network is secure. That includes using firewalls to protect your network from outside interference (all Liveboxes and SFR boxes have a built in hardware firewall). You should use password protection on your network and use a good encryption standard such as WiFi Protected Access (WPA) all internet providers in France secure the wifi with a WPA or WEP code as standard.


Some WiFi printers have a button that activates WPA encryption, allowing secure connections with other devices. By pushing the button on the printer and activating a similar feature on the router, you can create a secured network between each computer and the printer without having to type the wifi password.



If you're tired of tripping over cables or being chained to one location, you might want to look into wireless printing.



Printing from Tablets like the iPad can be tricky not all printers are compatible with Apples AirPrint technology. First check the printer manufactures site for a downloadable utility to allow printing from apple “i” devices. Alternatively you will need to download a 3rd party utility and install it on your computer, a good one is Fingerprint 2 from Collobos software, it is a pay for application costing 17.97 euros but will allow you to print from any printer connected to your computer even one’s that don’t have wifi. http://www.collobos.com/