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If you are worried about the Covid-19 virus and would prefer not to be visited why not book a remote support appointment. 

As long as your internet is working, and operating system loading then it's possible to link directly and control your computer remotely, I can see your screen, move your mouse and type on your keyboard all from my office. The link is fully secure and uses a unique one-time password for each connection. 

Many problems can be fixed remotely. 

30 minutes remote for 30 euros.

(no subscription needed)
Call: 05 61 60 84 23   or   Email:


Bronze Support - Paid Yearly Subscription

Bronze Support - Paid Yearly


Bronze Computer Support via phone, email and remote support for 1 year. 


Please Note: Bronze Support does not cover your web site, please choose Web Support from the main Tarrifs page.

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